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Sri Siva Durga Temple

Potong Pasir, Singapore

Completed 2001 

A project that we are particularly proud of as our contribution to the local Hindu and Indian community is the design and building of the Sri Siva Druga Temple in Potong Pasir where our involvement went beyond being just the architect for the job. 


Our engagement in the project for 11 years included organizing a variety of fund-raising activities including concerts, charity film galas, and walkathons that contributed to the building funds.

42 “stapathy” (sculptors) workers were independently recruited for the temple from India to work on the temple's gopuram  - the colorful and elaborately carved 6-tiered gatehouse tower that tapers skywards over the deliberately oversized temple gates, 

which convey the sense of awe of the divine to followers, typifying the traditional Dravidian architecture of the Hindu temple typology.

The temple has since been upgraded in 2017.


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