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FOUNDATION  -  We believe that the foundation of good design and architecture is grounded in establishing a comprehensive set of design objectives, and understanding how their respective interrelationships and dependencies can generate the ideal architectural solution.


PROCESS  -  In the process of continually revisiting and questioning the fundamental objectives of a client's brief, be it a house, an industrial building, or even a temple, we strive to capture all relevant perspectives and constraints, to allow us to come up with a design solution that is further enriched by both the local and broader context of the ever-changing world we live in.

COLLABORATION  -  We believe in a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach to architectural design and the building process, and enjoy the collective synergy and engagement of working together towards producing well-designed and elegant spaces for all to enjoy.

EXECUTION -  With a strong background and experience in the full building process from design inception to contract management and final accounts, our vision is to produce great architecture through the fulfilling engagement of all stakeholders, to ensure the long-term sustainability and relevance of the delivered building. 

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