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House at Duku


Completed 2023

Structural Engineer: Alan Yap Engineers and Associates Pte Ltd

Contractor: TS Ong Construction Pte Ltd

Photography by Ong Chan Hao

House at Duku is sited at the end of a cul de sac with an atypical street frontage, allowing us to re-orientate the ground level street face into the form of a vestibule that draws one up and into the interior, in a seamless flow of interior and exterior spaces. 

Originally a twin of its party wall neighbour, the new house retained the existing structural frame and floor levels, but with a bold extension out front to assert its new position as a bookend to the street. The orientation and positioning of the interior spaces and rooms were driven primarily by optimising the views out through the front and rear of the plot, while ensuring minimal exposure to the western sun along its long facade.  

The light into the upper levels of the house is controlled, by way of strategically placed skylights and high level internal windows, bringing daylight into the deep floor plan. Operable louvred screens keep the western sun out during the harshest hours of the day, but allow ventilation and filtered light to come through into the common areas.  

The monotone and pared-back palette of stone greys and dark timber, together with clean lines help define the spaces bathed in natural light, providing a sense of calm and openness to the living areas on the ground floor. While for the floors above, an all white palette save for the warm timber floors, pulls daylight deeper into the space, shaping the play of light on the surfaces.

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