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Fidelio Main

House at Fidelio

Private Residence, Singapore


Completed 2020

Structure Engineer: Er. Alan Yap

(Alan Yap Engineers & Associates Pte Ltd)

Contractor: JT Projects Pte Ltd

Photography by APLOMB Visualization

The existing semi-detached house cut a prominent profile amongst its neighbours along the street, however it had an eclectic visual style that the owner wanted to refresh. 

It's previous irregular facade profile was rationalised using a new articulated strip facade screen that gave it a new material and textural face, but still maintaining a consistent language with the existing linear roofs and party wall. The side walls were also extended to create new semi-outdoor terraces, that made use of the new facade screen to provide a measure of privacy yet allowing enough porosity for views out and daylight in. 

There was a conscious design decision to clad the 1st storey front walls with grey weathered brick re-purposed from demolished villages in China, that created the impression of a heavy and earthy base or plinth, on which the newly wrapped 2nd and 3rd storeys above could "float" and step back from the street level, and appear less imposing. This idea of re-using and re-cycling such a basic building material and giving it a second life in a different context was also shared and appreciated by the client, and will eventually see a more naturalistic aging and weathering of the brick together with the growth of the greenery in the landscape over time. 

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