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House at Terubok


Completed 2022

Structural Engineer: TKT Engineers

Contractor: Strategic Engineering

& Construction Pte Ltd

Styling by Aplomb

Photography by Ong Chan Hao

The brief for this semi-detached house for a small family was seen as an exercise to maximise the allowable building envelope as an outer "skin", while crafting out as much quality space as possible internally.


The interior layouts were conceptualised around the idea of internalising and taking advantage of the things that were abundantly free – light and air.


This was followed by the creation of a large airwell that captured as much light and air as possible, and by pulling the living spaces away from the party wall, created a naturally ventilated incision that runs high and long.


Planting within this incision provides an environmental filter and in turn helps produce the connection to outdoor space that the existing site lacked.

The front of the house presents itself organically, as a contrast (and complement) to the strict and controlled demeanour of its flanks.


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