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House at Sandown

Private Residence, Singapore

Completed 2002

The original concept of this house took reference and design cues from the vernacular architecture of Kerala, and appropriated it to the modern context of Singapore.  

The stepped pyramidal forms of the roofs lead visually to the street and bridges the scales between the neighbouring houses.  The level changes in the roof eaves also help to break up the mass of the main building, and presents it as less imposing to its single-storey neighbour.  Internally, these deep roof eaves also help control the amount of excessive rain or sunlight and create quasi-verandahs that further help to blur the bondaries of internal and external space. 

Peripheral planting strips help to create a green buffer along the property boundary, and an intentionally designed setback in the front corner of the plot allows a lush green landscaped garden to front as the entranceway to visitors and passersby along the street, thereby reducing the scale of the property and making it more open and welcoming. 


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